miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2014

Art Project. Designing oversizes heads

One of our most pupoular traditions in our city is "Gegants i Cabets" (giants and oversized heads). We have 6 "Gegants" and 7 "cabets". They dance twice a year, in december and june. Every four years we celebrate a "Gegants i Cabets" meeting in Ontinyent. There are several groups of "gegants i cabets" coming from different cities of Spain. They join and dance together in a parade. It's really worth seeing.
We had the idea of designing new "cabets" of famous characters of fairy tales, fables and legends. We have already finished 24 of them, but there are 75 more under contruction. In the gallery you can see some famous characters such as Rapunzel, Little Red Ridding Hood, an Elf, Puss in Boots, a Pig, Pinocchio, the Wolf and many more. Notice that there are three special characters as they represent local legends: the "Moro Mussa" (Mussa the Moor), the "Quarantameula" (it has no translation) and the Caçarates (Rats Hunter). Hope you enjoy it!!

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